This is Vera Khovanskaya's website. I'm in my third(!!) year of being a graduate student the Information Science PhD program at Cornell University. Last semester, I was doing preliminary fieldwork in California and now I'm back in Ithaca to TA INFO/STS 4240: Designing Technologies for Social Impact.

I am advised by Phoebe Sengers. My brilliant committee also features Karen EC Levy and Malte Ziewitz. I am a member of the Culturally Embedded Computing Group, CEmCom.

When I was deciding how to design this, I searched for "good websites without a .css file" in the Google search engine and when they couldn't find anything I decided to do it first.

Here is my CV (last updated March 2016).


- I am super-excited to share some of my work with Intel labs at DIS2016 in Brisbane this June. Here is the paper and here are the slides from the talk.
- Here is a pre-print of our recent CSCW paper, "Data Narratives: uncovering tensions in personal data management."
- I recently presented our paper at Critical Alternatives 2015 conference in Aarhus last August! Here is a camera ready version of the paper and the slides.


I do not believe that self-archiving (or any other "green" open access) tactics will go far in imagining viable alternatives to the paywalls but I am in the process of collecting pre-prints of my work to share using the server space I already have. Until then please email me for a .pdf of anything that has my name on it.

Email me at vdk9 at cornell dot edu.

I exist more substantially on Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+.

Here are some images from some of my recent work, spring-summer 2015
design in newfoundland design for busy families in socal